What to expect

At your first appointment we will take some time to discuss how you are feeling on the  physical, mental and emotional levels and to establish your goals and intentions, both for the session as well as your long-term health goals. This is important as it provides the focus for the session. It is also an important opportunity to connect with each other to establish a trusting and cooperative working relationship.

We’ll then go on to discuss the details of your treatment if you this is your first time.  Below are some of the available treatments and a general overview of what to expect for each one.

At the end of your session we will have a brief discussion of your experience and go over any ways I can offer support after you leave for your continued self care. Some examples may include video, books or information on breathwork, meditation, grounding, self-healing exercises, essential oils, etc.

Depending upon which treatment you have booked, you may experience mild to extreme tiredness, surfacing emotions or memories, mild aches and pains or extreme bliss and immediate rejuvenation.  Each person processes each healing in a different way each time. Because of this, it’s a good idea to honor your body ‘s needs and plan to have some quiet alone time after a session whenever possible.


Reiki treatments are performed fully clothed (unless you have chosen a combined treatment including bodywork).  Once you lay down on the table you may be instructed to specific breathing techniques or visualizations which will help you to relax, ground and center your body and energy field.

Reiki is an intelligent energy and it knows where to go in your body for highest healing. However, for the sake protocol, the practitioner’s hands follow the Chakra System, starting from the head and moving down to the feet.  The practitioner will have hands in contact with your body (per your approval) where appropriate and hover above the body otherwise. Your session may also include essential oils, sound and crystals to facilitate healing.

Some of the things people have reported experiencing during a session are cold, heat, or both, colors behind the eyes, hearing sounds, seeing lights, tingling, emotional release and visions. During  your session, you will most likely go into a dream-like state and be extremely relaxed or even tired after a session.

I have had many people reported amazing shifts in their life experience after just the first session, i.e., new job, new home, new relationship, etc.


This is a unique sound healing treatment using the tuning forks combined with essential oils and crystals. This is a fully clothed treatment and while, the other treatments are quiet and relaxing, this is a fully interactive treatment.  I’ll be using the tuning forks in your energy field (see video for demonstration) and bringing to your attention what I’m finding there and asking you to elaborate on what you’re noticing.  Every memory, emotion and sensation is a clue to what you are holding on to, and thus, what you are working on releasing.

You will also be instructed to do some deep inhalations and forceful exhalations when necessary to move energy and blockages out of your system.


This is another fully clothed session utilizing the weighed tuning forks and crystals.  Tuning forks are used to apply sound vibration to your  head, neck, shoulders, hands and feet repeatedly until you sense the energy moving in a clear unobstructed path. You will be guided on where to put your attention and how to notice when the energy has reached it’s target.The goal is to clear energetic blockages in the meridian pathways to your heart.

his treatment can last up to 90 minutes but can end much earlier depending on how fast your energy clears. It’s all up to your body. After a Sonic Meridian Flush you may be extremely tired and need to go right to bed, so it is advised that you clear your schedule after a session. However,  you may be quite energized. 


This treatment is not a massage but involves applying essential oils to the back and feet in a choreographed sequence following the meridian lines and affecting all organs and systems in the body. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated as the essential oils make their way into every cell of your body. You will definitely feel a shift. This treatment usually lasts about 45 minute and combines well with a Reiki Healing making a nice 90 minute healing session.



This treatment is much like the AromoTouch Technique but with different oils applied in a different sequence.  Again, only the back and feet are included. This one combines well in a 90 minute massage treatment



This a full sound immersion experience.  While you lie, fully clothed on the table, the practitioner plays a variety of crystal sound bowls, each in a difference note corresponding to the different Chakras.  You will feel the sound vibrations move through your body like butter as they clear out any unwanted or “stuck” energies. Each experience is different. You may be wisked away to your favorite place in nature, or to a dream world, or you may simply fall asleep. Whatever the case, you will feel lighter, rejuvenated and very relaxed. You’ll float out of the of the room and on to the rest of your day.



This 15 minute Add-On treatment is performed by applying a weighted tuning fork combined with a crystal to direct sound vibration to various acupoints on the head, neck and face. This treatment is extremely relaxing to the whole body as well as soothing to the spirit. It’s possible to have visions or energetic release during this treatment but it also has the effect of relaxing your facial muscles so much that it’s hard to frown (giving it a sort of temporary Botox effect). The more relaxed we feel, the more relaxed our facial expressions are. And the more free we feel to take off the “masks” and show our true selves to the world.



We use dry cupping only.  “Cups” can be applied to any place on your body that feels tight, but is usually applied to the the back. “Cups” are applied  using suction and are left in place for a period of 5 or 10 minutes. When cups are removed, there is usually some bruising or marking on the skin, which can last for several days.  While this is not necessarily a comfortable experience during the session, afterwards there is usually a great sense of relief as muscles feel loose and relaxed.  This treatment is best when added to a bodywork session but can be done as a stand-alone.



A reflexology session address different reflex points on your feet hands and/or ears that correspond to different organs of the body to help clear congestion and relieve pain. This treatment is great for tired, sore feet but affects your whole body in a relaxing way.