Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Bath

This ancient sound healing practice has been used for over 2000 years. A crystal sound bath harnesses the reverberating sound and vibration of crystal bowls made different sizes at different notes or frequencies to lull you into a peaceful, mindful state of being.

Close your eyes and feel the vibration flow through each cell of your body carrying away, on the sound waves, anything that does not serve you.

This session is deeply relaxing and healing and can cause a state of spontaneous meditation where you can receive insight.  Or you may fall asleep and awake feeling refreshed and anew.

This session can incorporate guided meditation to further relax and clear the body’s energy system.

  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath (30 Min) Single Person
  • $65
  • Crystal Bowl Sound Bath (60 Min) Single Person
  • $95

Available for parties and events!

I will come to your house and do a Crystal Bowl Sound Bath for you and your friends. Great for any event where you’d prefer to spend your time healing, uplifting and nurturing yourself and your friends. Contact me scheduling.  Great for: