Biofield Tuning

A Sound Approach to Wellness, Biofield Tuning is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves produced by tuning forks in the biomagnetic field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body to induce deep targeted relaxation.

​Biofield Tuning uses the pure tones of custom-made tuning forks to locate, identify and interrupt areas of incoherence in the human energy field. The tones of the forks interact with the distortions in the field, and the body listens and responds by relaxing the tension in the field and the body. This relaxation liberates the body from old patterns of stress and reactivity, and produces an increase in energy circulation leading to greater balance, centeredness and peace. People report feeling lighter and more energized with biofield tuning.

​The outcome of this targeted sonic-induced relaxation can be immediate and profound, reducing anxiousness, discomfort, and other distresses right on the table, with other benefits unfolding in the days following a session. Results can be both short term as well as long term and even permanent.

  • Single Session 45 - 60 minutes
  • $119
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  • Biofield Series-3 Beneficial 3-Pack
  • $333
  • $24 Savings
  • Biofield Series-6 Powerful 6-Pack
  • $633
  • $81 Savings
  • Biofield Series-10 Transform 10-Pack
  • $999
  • $191 Savings
  • Distance Biofield Tuning Session Can be booked with package appts.
  • $Rates same as in-person
  • Via phone or Zoom
  • Available 6 days a week
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